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With the upcoming March 4 Texas Democratic primary, Texas somehow, at long last, matters.  The 2nd largest state in the nation in both area and population has for several decades been a bastion of conservative votes, and its Democratic, liberal, and progressive holdouts have atrophied.  Its primaries have been unnoticed, and its votes in national elections, especially the tyranny of the winner take all Electoral College, have been foregone conclusions.  It's been depressing to be a liberal Texas voter.

Not this year.  This year, a barnburner of a Democratic Presidential contest will make its stop in Texas, and Texas may be determinative to its outcome.  The New Capital Show is an important part of Texas opinion, and we wish to make the following endorsements in advance of next week's primary:

Barack Obama for Democratic Party Presidential Nominee.  Barack Obama has shown an ability to inspire people to become involved and to vote.  He is young, dynamic, and holds ideas that are compatible with our view of the world.  We believe he is generating such enormous excitement in Texas that he is helping to revitalize liberal Democratic politics in the state.  We recommend a vote for Barack Obama in the primary.

Rick Noriega for Democratic Party nominee US Senate.  Rick Noriega has a strong record in the Texas House of Representatives, a history of service in the US military, and a background as a teacher.  We think Rick can put up a very strong fight against John Cornyn in November, and that he has a promising chance to win that election if the winds blow right.  We recommend a vote for Rick Noriega in the primary.

LISTEN: New Capital Show (February 28, 2008)

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