I stumbled across your show last week to only hear part of the Frankenstein and their fathers piece. The rest of your show was just as impressive. I regret that I am only now learning of your show. I now have your time slot scheduled on my calendar with a reminder.  -AT

I am listening to your show regularly and I particularely liked your Frankenstein prolog yesterday. A major reason why I am drawn to your show is the honesty and personal vulnerability and the total lack of self grandeur you bring to your show. -Rolf

Thank you so much for bringing the truth to the airwaves which have been cluttered and clogged with extreme conservative bias. I couldn't help but donate some of the little money I have after hearing your statements regarding Rush Limbaugh. I'm a student at the University of Houston, and have limited funds. However, if I had more to give, believe me, Leo, you would see it. I enjoyed your coverage of the election results, which have turned out to be a remarkable revelation of how Americans truly feel about the current administration and the poor leadership of this devastating war, even in the state of Texas. I take great pride in a city that would put a man like yourself on the air, and I look forward to continue listening to your program. -Evan

I'm a new transplant in this area, from Naperville (IL), and I just wanted to say thank you for the good shows you have put on the air.  I am grateful for your intelligent and thorough conversations about politics, global warming, evolution, pension systems, Irak, and in general for the common sense that I thought had bcome so uncommon these days, and most particularly in Houston. -Sergio

Today’s show was fantastic. You are an inspiration for me. You lay out the arguments in a logical cause and effect scenario, stating the moral reason for change and solidify your point with the economic benefits of long term cost effective decisions. You speak the language of economics & finance without the heartless rhetoric of laissez faire conservatism or the emotional pie in the sky of someone who knows what is right but can’t prove it. Your work on the radio is truly a public service. -Patrick

 I've been an avid listener from the beginning, I just wanted to let you's show was eye-opening and one of your most powerful shows to date.  Keep up the good work, I appreciate your passion and willingness to teach. -Chris

You provide inspiration and postive action with your New Capital Show. I appreciate you. Keep up the good work. Keep us all talking about these important issues. -Joanne

Leo im a mexican born male,i got here to houston at age 13 im now 28,,i would like to let you know taht all kinds of paople are listening to your show ,i respect your opinion specially on the immigration issues,im a driver and thats how i get to hear you,weekly,well thank you for shearing your knowledge i hope one day to have something to teach you -Daniel

I'm a loyal listener and would like to tell you this: I love your show. It is the best show on radio. You do a most wonderful job. Keep up the good work. -Tommy

Thanks for such a great show. If I didn't hear another reasonable voice out there I might go insane. When it gets more than I can bear I watch the Colbert Report for some comic relief. Keep up the good work and thanks again. -Diane

I agree with what someone said this morning: your show is the best talk/call-in show in Houston. -Paul

NCS is one of the best programs on KPFT, very educational. -Ravi

In my opinion, you need to be a national talk show're way too good at your show to be aired in Houston alone. -Isaac

My husband & I really enjoy your show - we listen to it all the time. -Hilda

I listen to your program on kpft every chance I get. -Tammy

You're cool, Leo!!! -Hai

Thanks Leo and your show is great!!! -Calvin

The theme music is intriguing. I enjoy your show, so my fondness for the music may an association. Your forbearance with some of your callers is impressive. -Carl

Thanks for a great show. You do a fantastic job of giving us all things to think about and discuss with others. -Dave

You really put yourself out there Leo. You should be on from 0600-0630 daily instead of The Today Show. I know it's got to wear you out. I try to put myself in your place when you are responding to a call. Trust me: you handle them all with such aplomb and patience that it comes thru over the radio. -Rusty

Your show is the best. And what you broadcast is clear and direct. -Don

I'm listening to your show right now and it's great - as usual. -Dale

Love your show. -Aram

Leo! Keep up your great contribution to society!!!!! -Imelda

I enjoyed your show for the most part. You seem informed and willing to learn new things. -Ivan

Love your show! -Linda

Thanks for the common sense your show provides. -Jim

Thanks again and go Leo! Light in light out. -Sheli

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your show. I appreciate your point of view on many of the issues you talk about. -George

Thanks for being there on the radio. Keep on burning. -Mary

Thank you for an enjoyable show this morning. You talked a lot about pricing aimed at changing consumer behavior around energy utilization. Keep up the good work. -Ira

This show is visionary in it's take on capitalism and the potential for change that changes capitalism for the better. Leo is very tolerant of all points of view and is consistent with his logic and polite demeanor. Leo is a very bright dynamic guy, he is right on target with his take on the issues. -Don

I listen to The New Capital Show regularly and am always captivated. Keep up the good work. -Jacquie

I find your show very thought provoking. I hope that you continue to offer such great information. -Kent

Really enjoy your show. -Sam

I love your show! -Adam

What a fantastic show! Always looking forward to it. Your show provides so very much info, not commonly available anywhere else, and it is all good. -Alan

Missed this morning's show, but I wanted to let you know that last week you were in the zone. It was brilliant radio. Even though you've set the bar quite high with past shows, I think it was raised last week. I hope today's show met with your exacting standards. I'll find out when I go to the archives this weekend. -Philip

I would like to say that I really enjoy your show The New Capital show. I either listen to it on the radio on Fridays or on my sisters computer over the weekend. -Samuel

Your show yesterday (Dec. 23) was one of the best ever. It's hard to take on such topics because of the situation that you yourself described; the level of manufactured confusion and controversy that surrounds them and the emotional factors that the 'controversy manufacturers' play upon. You picked a good article and read it slowly and effectively. Your commentary was right on and your plea for true rationality came through loud and clear. -Garry

Does Pacifica's Houston station have to be the latest organization there to PROVE that Texas is fundamentally backwards? I know that liberals and pacifists want to square the circle and "reform" capitalism and make it "green", etc.; but they're simply deluding themselves -- and KPFT is right in there spreading this miserable gospel. In case you hadn't heard: capitalism is NOT reformable -- and your station should be pushing socialism instead. Lose this dumb show idea before you embarass the Left even more. Assuming you are Left. -Grok

Thanks for your show. I really like your holistic sense of understanding. Can we network somehow finding some mutual endeavors? -Robert

I don't think that you deserve any air on Pacifica. Here's another water story that you will be ignoring, I think. -Albert

I love your show. I just moved to Houston a few months ago from San Antonio. -Cory

Enjoy your show immensely (when I can - mostly in the car, and on-line when I have the office to myself). -Gregory

You are on today with the soylent green agenda, give it to them! You are the velvet visigoth, the harmonious Hun, lay to waste all this moronic conventional wisdom. -Don

Why don't you stop wasting people's time at KPFT with your "Phoney Capital" show and go work for Citigroup were you belong. Or are you really working for them already? -Oz

Love your show – thanks for all the good work that you do. Looking forward to a brighter future – from the trenches…Becky

Love your show-- love your theme music more! Please tell me the name of the song and the artist (so I can sing along even on your days off). Thanks, and keep up the good work (you capitalist!). -Ray

I recently heard your program on KPFT and try to listen to it weekly. I am interested in your topics and like the fairness you employ with your callers. -Laura

Thanks for such a great show and making me think! I only wish that KPFT's audience was bigger so more people would be made to think too. Keep it going! -Gwen

I truly believe that you are going in the right direction.  Accounting for all of the costs of our actions is extremely serious and we don't do it.  I wish you well and love your show.  I think you have hit on a side to Progressive issues that has been ignored and you do a great job of presenting the issues! -David

You've got the best show, not just on KPFT but, probably on the entire RADIO! -Chris

It's a good show, entertaining, with a fair amount of intellect. -Greg

Keep the pot boiling. -Juha

 I love the show, and as always thanks for your time. -Stephanos

A few weeks ago you mentioned how you once were angry, but then got your radio show and now have an outlet and aren't so angry any more. Just want you to know that my anger about the insane economic state of the world has also been significantly reduced by your show. Without a robust and compelling economic and political theory the progressive movement will not get very far. You are transmitting important ideas to the thinking public. Thanks! -Garry

Thanks for your commendable work on the show. I think that you really do promote the airing of a wide variety of views on your program. -Mark

Your premise that everyone acts selfishly is way oversimplified in a very dull way, but if you intended to draw some intelligent comment it worked. -Curt

Thanks for your show. It is one of my favorites. -Keith

I really enjoy your program and the great work you do.  Thank you for all the effort you extend to bring important information to us.  -Sally

I enjoy your program. -Jennifer

I enjoy your show. -Mike

Leo, I think your show is very important, especially the discussion on economics. -John

Great show last night.  Keep up the good work. -Michael

I appreciate your show on KPFT.  The issues you cover are of great importance to the people of Houston. -Brian

I listen to your show on KPFT whenever I can and enjoy it.  -Delores