The New Capital Show is powered by a great staff of wonderfully talented volunteers who give their time, effort, and ideas to produce media that changes the world.  Leo relies on this staff to develop ideas, educate him, write copy, schedule interviews and produce shows.  If you enjoy The New Capital Show - thank this group. 

Steven Rightman received his B.S. in Computer Science, and has been recovering ever since.  He also minored in Theatre and back in the day was an accomplished  stand-up comedian.  He has helped produce several plays, some of which were his own.  Professionally, he is a software engineer by trade and, as a hobby, a writer by morning, noon, and night. His current goal is to break the record for the largest unpublished body of work. He resides in the Memorial area, plays with his children before and after work, and can't quite figure out why we do the things in-between.

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