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Community Organizer

In an effort to combat accusations of lack of experience, VP nominee Sarah Palin took some swings at the concept of Community Organizer in her speech at the Republican Convention.  In the meantime, poetic justice chimed in as the Houston City Council voted on the ordinance to set aside $1 million of revenue from the sale of recycled commodities as a dedicated annual fund that can be used for a pilot program and a recycling education and outreach effort; a result, we believe, born out of an Organized Community speaking their voice.  Leo tries to hold the line as a neutral moderator regarding the Republican Convention, updates us on the breaking progress of the recycling effort, and takes your calls.

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I live in Southside Place, a small city inside the loop. We have a great recycling and trash collection program. No cumbersome recycling bins or garbage cans. To recycle, just bag your paper, say in a paper bag, and your glass, plastic and cans in another bag, and put it out on the curb every Wednesday morning. (No trash collection that day.) Similarly, trash collection is very simple, done in large plastic bags collected twice a week (half of the community on Monday and Thursday, and the other half on Tuesday and Friday). I must admit that recycling is not 100%, maybe 50% of the households contribute every week. But it is very painless! Maybe getting rid of the bins and studying whether Southside Place's system could be adapted to Houston is an idea worth pursuing.

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