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Democratic Revival in Texas

There are rumors of a revitalized Democratic Party in Texas, led by changes in its major urban areas.  On today's show, Geoff Berg guest hosts political scientist Dick Murray, Court Koenning, Harris County Republican Party and Garnet Coleman, Democratic Texas Representative to see if there's any truth to the rumors.

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LISTEN: New Capital Show (August 7, 2008)

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Well done Mr. Berg. It was a great show.

I called in at the end of the show and would like to complete my statement.
In a recent Houston Chronicle article, Paul Bettencourt, Republican Harris County Tax Assessor and Collector, falsely claimed "his 35 registration employees attend an average of one civic event per day to sign up new voters or deputize new registrars." In reality, there is only one county employee performing these tasks. Her name is Marty Morrison. Ms Morrison has to be one of the hardest working people in the county. In comparison, Austin's Travis County has a population one third the size of Harris County. Travis County has five employees dedicated to voter registration and deputizing registrars. Using simple math, Ms. Morrison is doing the work of 15 county employees and Mr. Bettencourt is overstating the truth by a ratio of 35 to 1. In this and other ways, he is deliberately suppressing, rather than encouraging, voter registration.

Here is a link to the article: 'Doubt Cast on Record Voting Roll Forecast'

Also, I, along with other campaign workers have witnessed politically motivated manipulation of polling locations on the part of Beverly Kaufman, Harris County Clerk. Numerous Democratic-leaning precincts are not assigned locations until days before elections. Other long standing polling locations are paired with remote locations for dubious reasons. Polling locations in Republican-leaning precincts haven't changed in years. After blockwalking in several precincts, I've repeatedly heard statements like this from people rushing to vote on the way to work: "I've voted over on X street for years, I barely found this place in time, why the change?"
On the radio show, Mr. Koennig of the County Republican Party interrupted me and took up the rest of the program to make a response. He claimed the process for determining polling locations was very complicated and involved hesitance by school principals and an approval process by the Commissioner's Court. If so, I can only be left with the impression that Republican County officials are deliberately filibustering the process to keep Democratic voters from finding their polling place.
I propose a compromise to Beverly Kaufman. Start earlier. It is your responsibility to ensure that all locations are established by October 4, the last day to register to vote in the upcoming election. This is fair.
Aug 13 | Unregistered CommenterKeith Koski

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