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Global Learning, Global Awakening

My old friend John Eastman is doing extraordinary work and on this week's show we tell you about it.  John co-founded  Global Learning Across Borders - or Global LAB - a non-profit that leads high school students on semester-long programs in India, China, Vietnam, Morocco, and soon other international places as well.  The kids go as


American kids - but come back as transformed responsible citizens of the world.  On Thursday night in Houston, at an invitation-only event, John will present Global LAB to potential donors.  However, on Thursday morning, John and several of his aides and students will appear on NCS RADIO, and that evening NCS TV will broadcast the world premiere of Global Awakenings, a documentary about Global LAB's recent India semester: "In a time when report after report heralds a growing global anti-Americanism, especially in the Middle East and large regions of Asia, Global Awakenings is a story of hope and possibility, a story of young Americans seeking to learn, connect, and serve well beyond familiar borders."

LISTEN: New Capital Show (November 30, 2006)

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"...a growing global anti-Americanism..."

The thing I love most about the internet is being able to "talk" with people all over the world.
Consistantly, they tell me "We don't hate Americans; only your government."
Of course, the corporate media isn't going to say that.

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