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Green Homes

williams.jpgLeo's guest, Green Architect LaVerne A. Williams, calls in (instead of driving to keep his carbon footprint lower) to discuss his home designs that make a statement of health, comfort, durability, and maintainability, all wrapped in a highly aesthetic appeal.

Leo also discusses the U.S.'s National Intelligence Estimate regarding Iran's nuclear [noo-klee-er] weapons program.  Bush's take on Iran's nuclear [new-cue-ler] ambition is different, but based on his pronounciation he may be talking about something else.  He is claiming Iran is still a Clear [cue-ler?] and Present Danger.

LEARN: LaVerne A. Williams
RESEARCH: Architecture 2030
RESEARCH: Environment Associates

RESEARCH: Senate Panel Passes Bill to Limit Greenhouse Gases
READ: Thomas Friedman's "satirical" Iranian National Intelligence Estimate memo

LISTEN: New Capital Show (December 6, 2007)

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