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Healthcare Reform

Leo finally decides to address healthcare reform head-on, as the government does the same thing.  Leo finds similarities in the failure of private banking intermediaries to do their jobs and the failure of private healthcare intermediaries to do their jobs.  If the intermediaries can't successfully intermediate at a national level and achieve their stated purpose, why are they entitled to support?  In the new economy, Leo notes a new report from McKinsey & Company that finds the largest gains to be made in energy efficiency are in...energy efficiency. 

LISTEN: New Capital Show (July 30, 2009)

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I just listened to your show on health care - Aug 6th - I noticed that alot of the people protesting health care reform look like they are already on medicare. They don't even realize that they already have socialized medicine.
Also, what is wrong with the media (stupid question). If they really wanted to actually practice journalism they would be interviewing Canadian, the French, Japanese, etc. and ask them how they like their health care. I guess that would make too much sense and interfere with the Cialis commercial that follows. Thanks for listening.
Aug 6 | Unregistered CommenterDiane

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