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Hunger In America

Sasha Abramsky visits to discuss his new book Breadline USA and highlight the growing number of working poor who are struggling to put food on their tables.  Leo notes that an investment banker friend of his believes that "everyone benefited" from the Reagan revolution, but Sasha begs to differ.  While the legislative agenda on global emissions, health, and others has a better chance now, it will have setbacks, as it's having right now.  Leo also recommends Niall Ferguson's new documentary The Ascent of Money.   
READ: Breadline USA
WATCH: The Ascent of Money

LISTEN: New Capital Show (July 9, 2009)

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Nooooooooo... say it isn't so!!! Did I hear you say that you are not going to be with me every morning at 10 AM?? Arggghh!! Please repeat your message.
I love your show and am very disappointed ~ what is the reason and where are you going?
Your devoted fan,

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