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Linchpin Texas

The world is waiting for the United States to step up and lead on the issue of global warming and environmental protection. And while George W. Bush of Texas last week issued a new proposal to convene major nations on the issue, this President has spent his entire presidency resisting, and in many cases, contravening his obligations to lead the issue.  Meanwhile in Austin, Texas, the Texas legislature itself failed in its recent session to adopt measures that would help our state improve its environmental profile, with many key measures failing to even get hearings on the legislative floor.     Leo hosts Ken Kramer, executive director of the Sierra Club Texas, and Janet Elliott from the Houston Chronicle.

READ: Leo's editorial Linchpin Texas

RESEARCH: The Sierra Club ,The Houston Chronicle

LISTEN: New Capital Show (June 6, 2007)

Posted on Jun 8 by Registered CommenterLEO GOLD | Comments3 Comments

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Thank you for being a stand for alternative energy & the future of our global community. You are correct in turning to Texas for the biggest contribution to the global warming crisis....can you imagine the hottest spot in the U.S. turning over an alternative leaf? I can. Keep encouraging Houston to look around at fellow Texans within their daily business and/or personal choices for a pro-green Houston. Thank you for your great love for those around you.
Met you at jury duty last week. Leo, I would like to see you do a show on the "Signing Statements" ( Bush has used this (law?) hundreds of times since gaining office. Past
presidents used this very very little. Can you explain to the general public...what exactly is this phenomenon ? and why Bush is
infatuated with using it so much ?


99% of the dems and reps I know have no idea of this think(sic) tank or how it wrote the plan for the Iraq takeover. In over 6 years of Bush, I have not seen any mass media reporting on this. Who knows? maybe you could get Paul Wolfowitz on the show. Just tell him you would not bring up his girlfriend or the World Bank.

Also a good topic would be the "Heritage Foundation". Started with big money from Amway, Coors, and you might find a Mellon or Ford in there somewhere. There is a history that goes back to Goldwater's massive defeat in 1964.. Republicans wondered why America did not vote their platform. Roe vs Wade helped challange them into a new era of Christian-Fascism. Dubya jumped on this with
both feet.The result is 8 years of an empty suit sitting in the Whitehouse. Cheney and Rove can't even find his strings anymore.

I wonder why the rest of the free world has a problem with Dubya's beliefs and policies ?

My mind is boggled why a majority of Americans have a much bigger fear of Socialism than Fascism. It is almost like this generation has forgotton what happened in Germany and Italy. For some reason, this mindless tilt in beliefs does not bother many these days. We
have used the Fascist principle in Central America since the 1940"s. This was John Foster and Alan Dullas's experiment in backing Tyrany on any country that has a nice natural resource or two. Since John Foster pulled it off in Iraq in 1953, he saw a great new way of life for American companies by bringing guerilla fighting to Banana republics. ( See United Fruit ).

(Ike was off playing golf.Story goes he was trying to help Joe McCarthy by securing all
golf courses of commie pinkos).

Q: What constitutes a Communist movement in
Central America ?

A: A priest, 2-3 nuns, and 5 or more peasants
trying to farm the land.

Do you ever wonder why the Vatican has never protested what has occured to its missionaries?

I think America just has to recognize some of the lies we have based our world actions on. I believe we can be the country we were taught about (on the surface) back in the 1950's.....
But we must first come to terms with our many stains.

Lost in the Supermarket.
Dear Love: Thanks for the kind note. It makes my day.

George: Good to see you at jury duty! I checked and the defendant was acquitted. On signing statements, don't worry. Bush will be gone soon.
Jun 21 | Registered CommenterLEO GOLD

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