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Summer Sizzle and Leo's Special Offer

It's time to raise money for KPFT again.  In the last drive, New Capital Show raised a record amount of money for KPFT - the highest dollars per airtime minute in the history of the station.  26 people pledged $500 each.  The support was in response to me offering my own financial advisory services (my day job) for a $500 pledge to the station.

Since then, I have met with many people who pledged for the service.  I can say that the results have been beyond my expectations.  It has been a true pleasure to meet KPFT people, learn about their issues and concerns, and help address them.  These meetings are ongoing and I have several scheduled for this week alone.

So, after meeting with KPFT management, we have decided to do it again.  For a $500 pledge to KPFT, you can meet with me for a one-on-one financial advisory session.  The process is easy.  After you pay your pledge, the station sends you a detailed questionnaire about your finances and goals.  After I review your answers, we schedule a meeting, and then meet to discuss where you most need help and make plans accordingly.  It doesn't matter whether you're young, middle aged, or retired.  It doesn't matter whether you have money saved or are just beginning.  I'm sure you will find that you will leave the meeting with a much clearer picture of what you need to do to get your financial house in order.  Also, on this pledge drive show I will also do Leo's Top Ten Financial Tips for the Drive.  Here's a preview:

  • #10: Term life insurance versus whole life insurance
  • #9: International investments
  • #8: When to start investing
  • #7: Pay yourself first
  • #6: Beware SRI
  • #5: Fees and Turnover
  • #4: Consolidate accounts
  • #3: Where to put bonds?
  • #2: Public versus private + Proxies
  • #1: Active versus passive
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