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The Empty Ocean

arts_ellis.gifOf all the major stories of environmental destruction now occurring in our world, perhaps none is less covered by both governments and media as the state of the oceans and seas.  In 2003, Richard Ellis' book The Empty Ocean appeared to enormous critical acclaim and widespread alarm at the story it told: rampant destruction and depletion of the oceans' capital by commercial fishing operations and the increasingly powerful technologies they employ.  On this week's show, Richard Ellis discusses the state of our oceans, and what can be done to save what's left. 

I also discuss Steven Johnson's article in the New York Times Magazine "The Long Zoom."


LISTEN: New Capital Show (October 12, 2006)

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Reader Comments (2)

Here is a link to the recent L.A.Times feature entitled Altered Oceans:


There are lots of images, graphs, and videos here.
Oct 12 | Unregistered CommenterKeith
Here's the latest on shark finning:


This is an insane practice. it ought to be banned immediately worldwide.
Oct 13 | Registered CommenterLEO GOLD

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