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The Risk of Investing

Leo's narrative on an investment sours into a fraud scheme perpetrated against him, leaves us with lessons that span the economic spectrum. Cris Eugster, Chief Officer for Sustainability for the City of Houston Mayor's Office, is back on the show about a year later to give an update and inform the listeners of the upcoming Green Expo in Houston this weekend at Reliant Park. We do some news and take your calls.

Have you been "had" in the past on an investment?
Share your story, lessons, or thoughts on Leo's monologue in the comment section below.

READ: Leo's editorial A Fool and His Money
PARTICIPATE: Houston Green Expo
WATCH: Charlie Rose interviews Ted Turner

LISTEN: New Capital Show (April 3, 2008)

Posted on Apr 3 by Registered CommenterLEO GOLD | Comments2 Comments

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Reader Comments (2)

Your enthusiasm for Ted seems misplaced. I watched the interview and found it to be more the rantings of a washed-up, old "has-been" that once had a seat at the table playing with the BIG BOYS but somehow lost it and is now just getting over all the pent-up bitterness he keeps concealed inside (YES - he certainly looks and talks like someone that's been on heavy meds like Prozac or something - a bit out of it!). And was forced to dabble in the down-to-earth realities that we all face everyday like the restaurant business he now owns which surely is a far cry from the pinnacle of power that he once sat at. Kind of reminds me of Al Gore after he lost the 2000 election and then let it all go into some kind of depression growing a bread and putting on all that extra weight. He looked like something the cat drug in and the exact opposite of the crispy, clean-pressed poster-boy he was before that election. And now he too has found a "new" calling in life with his activism in the down-to-earth realities we all face everyday just like Ted.

Turner's "morale" background simply was as he said instilled in him by his father and his rotary club moto - "He who serves best, Profits most"! Those are certainly words to live by but unfortunately Mr. Turner most also turn a blind-eye to the crime and corruption that exists all around him especially since the bulk of his fortune was built on stolen investment money looted from the Savings and Loans during the 80's. Yes - his best friend Milken, who was sentenced to 10-years in prison, still has $2 Billion also stolen from the public treasury.

I know of young people that can't even get jobs at places like WalMart or HomeDepot because of some 2-bit, bogus drug possession charge on their record from when they were kids, yet somehow it's OK to put convicted racketeers and securities fraudesters in the White House!

It seems that your idolatry of money skews your view in favor of people who have BIG money for the sake of Money. Just because someone is a Billionaire, you seem to overlook any misgivings and go out of your way to honor, justify and/or be apologetic as possible to defend these people in the face of any corruption charges against them.

This is a perfect example of the kind of morale relativism that pervades the world of business - everyone else is doing it, therefore it's OK for me to do it. Everyone else is being bad; therefore, it's OK for me to be bad too. Everyone else is stealing $400 million from their stockholders and employees so why not me!

After all, no coincidence that the high point of Micheal Jackson's career in the 80's was singing about being Bad and leading the way for this mass cultural degeneration that we all now suffer from today. So what is "bad" you might ask?

There is no question that the lying, cheating, stealing and killing are all bad yet so flagrantly dominate the world we live in today!

Likewise, the "viewpoints" Ted expressed are no different than that of any honest, progressive individual who favors to tell the truth rather than lie, cheat and steal! He even went as far to say: "AT LEAST WE DIDN'T THROUGH BULLETS AT EACH OTHER" in a jokingly but deadly serious manner.

For that matter, why not Ralph Nader or Dennis Kucinich for President? They also tell it like it is and want to see true peace and justice for all but look were that gets them - laughing stocks!

As long as this society so idolizes money and all the corruption that goes along with it, nothing will even get any better - you are sitting at the pinnacle of what this culture can create and will ever be while getting a few new toys to play with along the way!
Apr 4 | Unregistered CommenterDawn
Two comments:

1.Mr. Eugster emphasized the need to seal buildings up in order to save energy. Sealing up is good but only part of the story. Good working windows, doors, and screens allow you to open up your house in the mild seasons and take advantage of prevailing winds for passive cooling. Around Houston, the prevailing wind is predominately from the southeast. In this way, you can reduce the number of days per year when the AC is running, with a goal to wait until May 1st before you turn it on, and turn it off for the season in October. In the summer, when you absolutely have to seal your house up and run the AC, good windows and doors should do the trick.

2. Leo, if you review past entries on this website on the next broadcast, it may provide an incentive for people to make more numerous entries here.

Thanks for all the work you and your staff do (does?).
Apr 10 | Unregistered CommenterKeith

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