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TXU Turns

This week, the TXU saga blazed out of Texas and into the world's headlines as the company announced it would be sold to two major private investment firms for an amount greater than any private buyers have ever paid for a single company.  Astonishingly (delightfully?), the buyers announced that they would scale back (though not eliminate) TXU's plans to build new coal plants in Texas, and that several pivotal environmental groups had participated closely in working on the details of the sale.  The New Capital Show (along with the Wall Street Journal) has from the beginning provided ongoing coverage of the emerging stories of coal power in America and TXU in particular.  Join us this week as we discuss this ground-breaking new development with Jim Marston, the Environmental Defense activist who played a key negotiating role in the agreements with the buyers, and Terry Oxford, a lawyer with Susman Godfrey LLP, the law firm representing several Texas municipalities in their opposition to TXU's proposed plants. [Production:Dixon(lead)/Sanders/Villalobos]

READ: Leo's editorial Owning and Controlling

LISTEN: New Capital Show (March 1, 2007)

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Reader Comments (2)

I tried to listen to your archive for March 1, but was unable to start listening by selecting any and all points along the bar presented to me. Would someone please include instructions as to how a personc with an IBM PC can access your show. Thank you, Karyl Paige
P.S. How do I send this post to you without a send box?
I'm sorry you're having difficulty. I recommend that you RIGHT CLICK on the link for the show and tell it to OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. Give it a little time to download and it should start with whatever player you have selected. If this doesn't work, write back and I'll put one of our techies on it.
Leo Gold
Mar 4 | Registered CommenterLEO GOLD

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