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Diagnosis of a HealthCare System

This week Leo hosts Dr. Heidi Schwarzwald and Dr. Adaeze Okeke to give us a diagnosis of the HealthCare system and prescribe some proactive treatments that could help us receive the HealthCare system we deserve.

LISTEN: New Capital Show (August 27, 2009)

Posted on Aug 30 by Registered CommenterLEO GOLD | Comments3 Comments

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Reader Comments (3)

Leo Gold is distorting the position of the 9/11 truth movement when saying that 9/11 truth thinks the US government conspired to commit 9/11.

There is fare more circumstantial evidence linking Israel and Mossad as orchestrators of 9/11--in concert with treasonous elements of US government (many of whom hold dual US/Israeli citizenship).

Who did it? http://whodidit.org/cocon.html

Watch free on Google Videos: CORE OF CORRUPTION
Watch free online: 911 MISSING LINKS

Who is Leo Gold protecting and hiding by his outrage and rants about the 9/11 truth movement? Israel!
Oct 30 | Unregistered Commenterwhole2th
Hi. Let me say from the getgo, that I am a liberal Democrat. I agree with you on economic issues, political issues, and science issues, except for 9/11. I was greatly offended by your rant on what you describe as "9/11 truthers." I am a supporter of KPFT, and as I said I am liberal. I am not a right wing Libertarian. Also, I do not agree with many of Alex Jones's views. In fact I cannot stand Alex Jones, for the most part. I am not into the "UN will take our guns away", the "bring back the gold" concept or the "One World Government" theme that he and other AM radio people espouse. To put me in that category is insulting and false. When it comes to investigation 9/11, you are the irrational one. I wonder if you have ever even heard of David Ray Griffin. He has written at least 6 books on 9/11 and he is very scientific, logical and is not of the Alex Jones ilk. Architects, engineers and physicists have already proven that the Twin Towers could not have fallen at almost free fall speed without the help of pre-placed explosives (i.e. therimite), in the Twin Towers. Look up ae911Truth.org, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, or Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Oh yes; I would also like to add that, the official version of what happened on 9/11, endorsed by the Bush administration, is also a conspiracy theory. You just decided to use the term "conspiracy theory", in a pejorative way that most mainstream media do.
Nov 2 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Cook
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