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Leo tackles the Right Wing's latest buffoonery in their effort to keep kids home from school to avoid watching the President's address to, and therefore indoctrination of, our children.  How can you ever repair a child's view of the President after teaching them to show such disrespect for our elected leader?  And as the Right Wing continues to fail our children so does Texas, who recently decided to eliminate Sex Education in the class.  Though eliminating Sex-Ed in the classroom may help Right Wingers realize precisely how evolution actually works, the responsible parents in Texas are outraged by such ignorance.  Leo takes matters into his own hands and spends part of the show teaching Sex Ed 101, since our State is incapable.  We do some news and take your calls. 

LISTEN: New Capital Show (September 3, 2009)

Posted on Sep 7 by Registered CommenterLEO GOLD | Comments2 Comments

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Reader Comments (2)

Loved your sex ed show. Isn't it amazing that the first thing to go from the stimulus money was birth control-- conservatives did not see how control over one's body affects a woman's chances of holding a job. Keep 'em barefoot and in the kitchen! Maybe you can talk about this topic more sometime.
I wish that we had had more notice of the sex ed topic so we could have sent our mass emails telling friends to listen in. Actually, every one of your shows is insightful. Thanks for your vision.
Oct 16 | Unregistered CommenterT Allen
A friend was told directly by a local (Houston suburbs) school district employee (who took calls for and against Pres. Obama's talk to school children) that numerous callers opposed to the President's talk insulted her and defamed her (calling her slut and socialist) while on the phone. This demonstrates a lack of civility as well as a destructive lack of logic.
How can one justify attacking a phone receptionist who is not a decision-maker? Additionally, why do some very vocal conservatives go unchallenged when they assume that anyone who disagrees with them is depraved or immoral? This makes me wonder what they are absorbing from their education.
Oct 16 | Unregistered CommenterT Allen

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