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Money, Spirit and Life

Georgekinder.gifIt's no exaggeration to say that George Kinder (rhymes with "tinder") is the father of life planning, a burgeoning area of counsel that generally is integrated into existing financial advisory practices.  I'm a financial advisor, an investment manager, a wealth manager - call it what you want - and over the course of two days in October I participated in a small, intimate workshop with Kinder, and found myself, and my practice, transformed.  I came away believing that Kinder's ideas and methods - life planning - has profound implications for the country, because it presents the possibility of people living happy lives unburdened by flawed conceptions about money.  Whether your ideas about money are your own, come from your parents, or from our own money-obsessed society, Kinder's methods can help you gain personal wisdom and insight.   On this special show, George Kinder, guru to a new breed of financial advisors through his Kinder Institute and the author of The Seven Stages of Money Maturity,  makes a rare media appearance to discuss money, spirit and life, and how one should best think about them.

LISTEN: New Capital Show (December 14, 2006)

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